The Journey


I cherish the name "braxton." It is my great-grandmother's maiden name, and I am the only girl I've ever known to be given the name. I was born "Anna Braxton" and have been called "Anna" all my life... until college. There, I met Sarah Logan, and once we learned of each other's middle names, we decided they had a uniqueness our firsts didn't have. I called her Logan, and she called me braxton...a name I had loved all my life. Everyone I met at college, including the love of my life, called me braxton.

Four years later, Nick and I were married, college-graduates moving back to my hometown. That's when things got tricky! My family, friends, and those who already knew me called me "Anna." Nick was the only one in my life that called me braxton. (We've had to explain the story numerous times over the past 8 years!) If I had moved to anywhere but my hometown, I would've been "braxton" the rest of my life. 

The internet came to my rescue. As I began my FISH&loaves (sew-while-the-babies-sleep) business, it only made sense to put "creations by braxton" at the end. And here I am, finally blogging- "just call me braxton" gives permission to those of you who know me as a crafter to call me the name I cherish, braxton! And those of you who call me "anna," continue to do so... because it means that you know me as a friend!